Alisha M. Fox, Fertility Coach, Owner, Modern Fox Fertility


I am a pro-life Catholic, certified health and wellness coach, and registered dietitian nutritionist with over 15 years experience.  I chose a career in nutrition because I wanted to help people improve their life, health, and well-being through the foods they ate and the values and emotions associated with it.

After my dietetic internship and four years in nutrition marketing, I decided to take a break to volunteer teach in Latin America. Because it was such a meaningful experience for me, and I enjoyed working with the kids so much, I stayed for four years. Luckily, I managed to learn Spanish and upon my return I fell into a new position as a bilingual health coach. I was happy to find a good fit for myself, focusing on preventive health through diet, exercise and stress management.

I furthered my education to become a certified health coach where I gained new tools and skills to help improve behavior change.

My faith has been the vehicle that has driven me to pursue my passion.  Seeing family, friends and women in my practice, struggle with fertility and the lack of support available, not to mention the confusion and isolation that can be associated with it, sparked a call to action.  Modern Fox Fertility, has allowed me to put all the pieces of my education, training, experience and passions together. I am excited to love and to serve those who want to bring love and life to the world.