You know there has to be an easier way to figure out these fertility issues, but you're unsure of where to turn. You need someone to help you devise a plan and help you stick to it. Fertility Coaching is exactly what you need to give you the confidence to take control and achieve success.

We'll work one-on-one in the areas of nutrition, spirituality and lifestyle for a holistic, natural approach. After each meeting you'll have clarity as to what is and isn't working and why. Working together, we'll make the necessary tweaks for your personal needs. Each week you will take small, manageable steps closer and closer to your vision.



  • We'll have a compatibility consult to make sure the program is a good fit for you.

  • I'll send you a simple questionnaire, to review your history and help us evaluate your goals.

  • We'll get to know each other and establish a comfortable, safe environment for sharing & dreaming.

  • Each week we'll have a live video or phone call to work on your goals & share about your fertility journey.

  • After each meeting, you'll receive an email recap of our session including weekly and monthly goal action steps.

  • By the end of the Fertility Focused Coaching Program you will have achieved the goals we set during our first meeting.



Modern Fox Fertility Fertility Focused Coaching Program

Fertility Focused Coaching program

"I just want God to give me a baby!"


Together we will create a personal transformation plan of optimal health. Nutrition, fitness, stress management and spiritual health will be our guideposts to prepare your mind and body for conception, identify/overcome fertility issues and sustain a healthy pregnancy to term. You will be your healthiest and best self so you can produce the healthiest baby possible.

The program includes;

  • A personal 60 minute session every week at a time that works for you via phone, Skype or FaceTime

  • A personal health & history evaluation

  • Your personal three month vision & goals setting session

  • Weekly individual goals & action steps

  • An email recap of our progress & goals after each session

  • A list of necessary resources


starting at $300/Month

3 month/12 session minimum


Individual coachinG Session

"I'm unsure if this is right for me."


For those who have completed the Fertility Focused Coaching Program and are looking for additional support.

Also for those looking for a more comprehensive consultation, to work through a specific need, concern or issue.

This session includes;

  • A personal 60 minute session with me at a time that works for you via phone, Skype or FaceTime

  • Resources to explore further

  • An email recap of the session

  • An opportunity to proceed with the Fertility Focused Coaching Program at a discounted rate


STARTING AT $125/Session

No minimum time frame




Fertility Breakthrough Session


"I'm ready to take charge of my fertility plan and health!"


This free 30 minute consult is the first step to your personal transformation plan. We will identify the challenges you are facing, discuss your dream for the future. You will take away an understanding of my personality, how I can help and if we're a good fit.

This consult includes;

  • A personal 30 minute session with me at a time that works for you via phone, Skype or FaceTime

  • An explanation of the Modern Fox Fertility philosophy

  • What to expect when working together

  • The opportunity to proceed with the service that best suits your needs

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This list of lifestyle tips is well researched and

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  • Women who have been told they need to see an infertility specialist and are looking for guidance

  • Women who have struggled with miscarriage without a conclusive reason

  • Women who wants to be their healthiest self - before, during and/or after pregnancy

  • Women who want guidance on finding a natural, Christian, holistic approach to their fertility planning and health

  • Women who are using or interested in using natural methods of birth control

  • Women who want to improve their egg health and chances to conceive

  • Women who are looking for solutions that work with their body, not against it

  • Any woman of childbearing age



  • Meant to provide medical advice or treatment

  • A prescription or surgical approach to infertility issues

  • Passive participation; it is a two-way street of active participation between both of us

  • Closed-minded or dishonest; it is willing to be open and honest

  • Opposed to seeking medical advice or care when needed; sometimes seeking professional medical help is a necessary option

  • A natural family planning or cycle charting course

  • IVF or ART

  • For men, although women who participate in the program are highly encouraged and supported to collaborate with their spouse on their journey