"After a few years of struggling with understanding my fertility and not being able to conceive, I realized, what I was missing in my journey to be a mother was a steady spiritual support system. Although a practicing Catholic embracing Natural Family Planning (NFP), I needed guidance of how to evaluate my life-physically, emotionally, and mentally so that I could enhance my spiritual life. Chatting with Alisha on a weekly basis made me very comfortable with sharing all my thoughts and concerns. The majority of my girlfriends are either Catholic in name only or do not practice a faith so it was a relief to not have to explain my reasons for embracing NFP. Alisha made it easy, comforting, and delightful to open up. With Alisha’s positive and refreshingly Catholic perspective on how to enrich my prayer life, I started to see that void become full of hope and a renewed faith in God’s plan for our family.  Most importantly, Alisha’s knowledge of the Catholic faith and how to customize it into my life was powerful. I was able to continue my NFP medication plan, place an unyielding faith into my doctor, and most importantly, trust in God’s plan for how He envisioned our family. During my 3-month coaching sessions with Alisha, I became pregnant. I honestly believe that my gut feeling of knowing that my faith in God was dwindling was my sign from God that I needed someone to confide in, trust in, and ultimately rely on for that support.  And that person was Alisha."                                         

- Sarah, Chicago, Illinois


"I had the pleasure of working with Alisha as a health coach. I know firsthand the depth of her knowledge, experience and kindness. Her sympathy and understanding comes across to all who have the pleasure of working with her.  She goes above and beyond to ensure you have what you need to succeed. Alisha has genuine belief, with concrete certainty in you and will guide you to succeed in whatever you need."

-Beata, Chicago, Illinois